WATCH: Best of Chris Pratt Bloopers

Chris Pratt is everywhere you look lately. Aside from his starring role in Jurassic World, which has the second-largest opening weekend in history, he has had some major breakthrough performances in the last few years, including his role in Guardians of the Galaxy in which he got a lot of attention for the insane weight loss and body transformation he went through for the film.
Whether you have only just recently heard of him or have been following his career for quite some time now, there’s no denying that Pratt has an adorable and alluring charisma about him, which makes it easy to understand why his career has taken off lately.
Amy Poehler, creator of Parks and Recreationthe TV series Pratt is best known for, has said many times in her book and in interviews that Pratt is so enjoyable to work with because he has a natural humor about him that is rare. And in this YouTube video highlighting the best of Christ Pratt’s bloopers, you can see exactly what she’s talking about.
Even if you have never watched an episode of Parks and Recreation (you absolutely should… immediately), I guarantee you will still find this blooper reel hilarious, and probably watch it again… and again.. and again.
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