30 Things You Should Probably Apologize To Your Dad For

With Father’s Day approaching, it’s easy to see how utterly wonderful your dad is…especially considering that it probably wasn’t an easy feat to raise you. There were all those temper tantrums as a toddler that turned into temper tantrums as a teen, and far too many “Dad, you’re embarrassing me” moments than you can count. But now that you spend most of the year away from pops, you realize how much you miss him and how special those moments really were. Here’s a few things you probably owe your dad an apology for over the years.


1. I’m sorry about mom’s labor being two days long after I was already a week late. I guess I was just really comfy in there.

2. I’m sorry about all that crying/pooping when I was a baby.

3. I’m sorry for all the times you had to leave work to pick me up when I got sick at school.

4. Sorry about that time I thought the walls were a good place to test out my new crayons.

5. I’m sorry about when I said “sh*t” in Kindergarten and my teacher thought you guys didn’t watch your language around me.

6. I’m sorry that when you coached my softball team, a lot of girls peed their pants and you didn’t know how to deal very well.

7. I’m sorry I hung out with my friends instead of you at all those Daddy-Daughter dances.

8. …And that I called your dance moves “embarrassing.”

9. Sorry I quit that sport you love when I was 11.

10. And the subsequent dance recitals you had to sit through on beautiful, sunny Saturday afternoons.

11. I’m sorry that I told my younger siblings all about the birds and the bees when you told me not to.

12. Sorry about all those Saturday nights you sacrificed driving me to go bowling or the movies with my friends.

13. I’m sorry I said you weren’t cute when we looked at your old photos. You’re cute, Dad.

14. I’m sorry about that whole debacle that was “learning how to drive.”

15. Sorry I hate fishing.

16. I’m sorry I stole some vodka out of the liquor cabinet.

17. And that you’re just finding out about it because I just told you.

18. I’m sorry for throwing a party the first weekend you let me stay home by myself.

19. I’m sorry for not returning your call for a week because I was “busy” at college. We both know that I wasn’t that busy.

20. And I’m sorry that when I do remember to call, it’s because I need something. Mostly money.

21. I’m sorry about the next time I call you needing money.

22. I’m sorry that I still don’t pay my own cell phone bill.

23. Sorry about responding “YOLO” to almost everything for about six months.

24. …And for refusing to tell you what YOLO meant.

25. I’m sorry about all my dates that you met and obviously did not approve of.

26. Especially that older guy with the cool car. You weren’t happy about that one.

27. Sorry about making fun of your Facebook profile picture.

28. I’m sorry for not being very patient while trying to teach you how to use an iPhone.

29. I’m sorry I usually scowl for pictures.

30. I’m sorry I don’t tell you “I love you” enough.

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