WATCH: New Trailer for Kristen Wiig, Will Ferrell Movie

If you haven’t already heard, two of comedy’s most beloved actors, Kristen Wiig and Will Ferrell, are co-starring in a new movie together… a Lifetime movie. (Yes, seriously.)
A change of pace from their usual light yet hilarious roles, the film A Deadly Adoption is a high-stakes dramatic thriller based on a true story (as most Lifetime movies are) about a wealthy couple who takes in a young woman (played by former 90210 star Jessica Lowndes) with the hopes of adopting her unborn child.
Little do they know, she has a plan of her own… causing things to quickly spiral out of control.

Watch the Full Movie Trailer Below:

[protected-iframe id=”096de12c5c469e60554215271beec820-860993-62745551″ info=”” width=”560″ height=”315″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=””]
Between the husband’s wandering eye, pregnant woman’s ulterior motives, and the overall eery and ominous tone, the plot line alone appears pretty promising.
But, if we’re being honest, anything starring Saturday Night Live veterans Wiig and Ferrell is worth probably worth watching, even if especially if it is a dark comedy.
Did we mention it is also executive-produced by Ferrell?
The two hour TV movie will premiere Saturday, June 20th at 8 p.m. While it may not be reason enough for you to stay in, you should definitely set your DVR.

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