The New Inmate On ‘OITNB’ Is Making Girls Question Their Sexuality


There’s a new prisoner at Litchfield for season 3, and fans of Orange Is the New Black have certainly taken notice. Stella, portrayed by Australian Ruby Rose, is a new fan favorite, and she has viewers pulling a Piper – totally unsure of their sexuality. Can you blame them? Rose has piercing blue-green eyes, sleeves of tattoos, and is proud of her sexuality off screen. AND AN ACCENT. No wonder we’re all going a little crazy.

Ruby Rose could literally beat the shit outta me and kick me when I'm down and I'd still kiss her ass and anywhere else

— Lexi (@original_lexi) June 16, 2015

I think Ruby Rose makes a majority of the female population question their sexuality😂😍

— Gina Montano (@dangginaaa26) June 16, 2015

if ruby rose does not stay for season 4 I will quit watching oitnb @OITNB @RubyRose

— Daenerys (@purpleflower135) June 16, 2015

I thought Chris Pratt was the new Jennifer Lawrence cuz every straight white girl is obsessed with him but really it's Ruby Rose

— kendall (@kendallhans0n) June 16, 2015

Girls, If you're not re-thinking your sexuality after seeing Ruby Rose then idk dude you've problems

— VIxEn (@_WhitneyLaShea) June 16, 2015

I want to be with ruby rose very badly

— Haley (@haley_depp) June 16, 2015

Ruby Rose: *exists*
Me: wow I am a lot more gay than I originally planned

— Claire Abbott (@claireeabbott) June 16, 2015

When I first saw Ruby Rose on OITNB I did a double take and pretty much turned lesbian for her

— trillainvanilla (@tanyatrilla) June 16, 2015

If your parents are homophobic just show them a picture of Ruby Rose. Problem solved.

— Brittany (@jessiiibabe) June 16, 2015

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