This Is Not A Drill: Cheese & Taco Emojis Finally Exist

Are you ready for emoji overload? Just a few weeks after Unicode Consortium, the organization that standardizes emoji characters across all the operating systems out there, released 38 proposed new emoji for 2016, they has released 36 MORE emojis as part of its 8.0 update. And this time they actually took a few of our very important suggestions! Sad to report that there’s still no Netflix emojji, but there are a few necessary additions in the food department…the time has come for TACO and CHEESE icons! One catch – they’re not quite available yet. They’re being kept locked in a safe guarded by dragons somewhere. But if you’re patient and clear enough space on your phone for the update, you will be gifted with these 36 VIP emojis that will pretty much guarantee never using your letters keyboard again.

1. Bottle With Popping Cork (Celebrate good times, come on!) 2. Burrito (BRB Chipotle run) 3. Cheese Wedge (Heading straight to the top row of your most used list) 4. Hot Dog (This won’t be ready by July 4th. Crime.) 5. Popcorn (Middle School Translation: “Want to go to the movies?”) 6. Taco (We asked, we begged, we received.) 7. Turkey (Thanksgiving statuses just got emojified.) 8. Unicorn Face (~*mYsTiCaL*~) 9. Badminton Racquet (#sportz) 10. Cricket Bat And Ball (#BritishSportz) 11. Field Hockey Stick And Ball (#HighSchoolSportz) 12. Ice Hockey Stick And Puck (#TooColdSportz) 13. Table Tennis Paddle And Ball (This pong table isn’t meant for beer?!) 14. Volleyball (#GymClassSportz) 15. Upside-Down Face (But why?) 16. Face With Rolling Eyes (Will overuse this so much.) 17. Zipper-Mouth Face (Our lips are sealed.) 18. Money-Mouth Face (Because :$ isn’t enough.) 19. Face With Thermometer (I can’t go out *coughcough* I’m sick.) 20. Nerd Face (Techies, rejoice.) 21. Thinking Face (Should I go out tonight struggle defined.) 22. Face With Head-Bandage (We hope we don’t need this one often.) 23. Robot Face (Because future.) 24. Hugging Face (Not sure what this looks like…) 25. Sign Of The Horns (Huh?) 26. Amphora (Come again?) 27. Crab (Beach vacay!) 28. Bow And Arrow (Thanks, Katniss.) 29. Lion Face (Of course this comes after two years after I graduate a college where the mascot is a lion.) 30. Scorpion (Desert vacay!) 31. Prayer Beads (Take me to church…) 32. Kaaba (That’s “The Cube”) 33. Mosque (Just like a prayer…) 34. Synagogue (I can’t think of another song this moment…) 35. Menorah With Nine Branches (We get eight crazy nights…) 36. Place Of Worship (All inclusive.)

We’ll keep writing letters about that elusive middle finger emoji.

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