Finally, Some Real Insight About 'Modern Romance'

Beloved comedian Aziz Ansari, sometimes more popularly known as Tom Haverford from Parks and Recreation, is now also an author, with his new book Modern Romance hitting stands (and Amazon, obviously) earlier this week.
While you may expect Ansari’s book to be added to the humorous-advice-mixed-with-memoir pile most of his comedic peers have put out recently, like Lena Dunham, Mindy Kahling and Amy Poehler, Ansari takes a unique approach.
Although filled with the side-splitting anecdotes you’d expect from a comedian, the main mission of the book is to explore the evolution of love and relationships between people– with particular interest in dating in the digital age.
As Ansari explains, the interest in writing his book surfaced because he “got fascinated by the question of how and why so many people have become perplexed by the challenge of doing a thing that people have always done: finding romance.”
It isn’t just based on Ansari’s personal experiences. In fact, for the book Ansari teamed up with a handful of sociologists, psychologists, journalists, and anthropologists to travel around the world and learn more about the complex world of dating. Ansari points out that:

Everyone is dealing with the same nonsense. Everyone is on this boat together, and it would probably be good if we were a little nicer on that boat.

And, so far, the reviews have been exactly as we’d expect them to be. For example, Paste magazine says, “Lovelorn Tinder swipers will laugh their privates off– and probably learn something, too.”
In a recent interview with Refinery29, Ansari gave some tid-bits of dating insight which perfectly exemplify why his book is something we’re sure we’ll love reading– and completely relate to.

On Having a Successful Date

“So many dates are just like, ‘Let’s go grab a drink’ or ‘Let’s get dinner,’ and what you realize is that those are situations that are set up to fail. It’s kind of hard for that to become the most special, fun night.”

On Too Many Options

“…We’re quick to move on and be like, All right, well, let’s try someone else, because we have more options than anyone has ever had before. And it’s kind of a big mistake, because people have so much more to show you than what they can show you in one session of drinks. If you go out with someone and you thought the date was a six out of 10, maybe give them one more shot and see.”

How Texting Now-a-days

“Someone like my age — I’m 32 — if they don’t get a text back in a couple hours, they’ll go,What’s going on? If someone in college doesn’t get a text back in like a minute, they’re like,WHAT THE FUCK?! THEY HATE ME! NOOO! When I asked people my age, ‘What if a guy called you?’ They’re like ‘Oh, I think that would be really refreshing. That’d be really thoughtful; I’d really appreciate it.’
Modern Romance went on sale June 16th and is now available in hardcover, Kindle and audio formats.

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