6 Weird Questions To Ask Yourself When Figuring Out What You Want To Do In Life

So you got into your top college, you already have the bedding picked out for your dorm room and even chatted with your future roomie. Now if only you knew what you wanted to do. There are countless majors out there (even some unusual ones), not to mention potential pressures from parents. So how can you possibly choose what the next 45 years of your life will look like? The good news is that once you ask yourself these questions, you should know- or at least have a really good idea. And if not, changing careers is always an option.

1. How are you going to save the world?

Okay, let’s be honest. You probably can’t save the entire world. But maybe you can at least improve a small piece of it. It could be argued that nearly every job contributes to society in some way. Whether you’re a farmer or an electrician, an author or a doctor, what you do matters.

2. There’s a gun to your head. If you had to leave the house all day, everyday, where would you go and what would you be doing?

In other words, what does your 9-5 look like? Or do you not want to work 9-5? Maybe you’re a night owl and prefer to work while everyone else is sleeping. Ask yourself this question, and determine what the first thing is that comes to mind. It might surprise you and it might not, but this is a good starting point.

3. What will your future child be able to say you do to his/her friends that won’t embarrass him/her?

I commend all you strippers out there for trying to make ends meet, but think about your future children and how it will effect them. (If you want them, that is). Would you want for them to say that you’re a chef? An editor? A teacher? And this goes for you too. When you meet someone new, what is something you can be proud to say?

4. How would you like to die?

I know you probably don’t want to be thinking about this when you’re just starting to plan your life, but it’s an important question to ask. Why? I’m not trying to be morbid, but think about when you’re laying on your death bed. Will you be happy with what you’ve accomplished? Will you be remembered by doing something great or by letting life pass you by?

5. What will make you forget to eat and pee?

You’re four hours deep into Pinterest pinning when you realized you haven’t eaten a damn thing or drank even a sip of coffee all day. That’s what happen when you’re really loving what you’re doing. There may not be 9-5 Pinterest job, but maybe subconsciously you want to do something creative. Think about hobbies you already have and how they could translate into a career.

6. How can you make a complete and utter fool of yourself?

When figuring out what you want to do, you also have to figure out what you DON’T want to do. Don’t be afraid to try something and fail at it or embarrass yourself. It may sound cliche, but it’ll help. Do a few different internships while you’re in school. That’s the perfect time to test this out, plus you gain different skills and can build your resumé too.

Congratulations! You’re one step closer to the rest of your life.


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