The Eddie Borgo For Target Lookbook Is Here & We Want It All

It’s a beautiful thing when broke college kids can get their hands on designer jewelry and handbags without blowing all the money from their summer job at the ice cream shop at once. That’s why we love Target – besides having everything from bananas to blenders, their collaborations with high-end designers allow us to pretend we’re ~*fancy*~ without sobbing when we check our bank account balances.

The latest Target collaboration with NYC jewelry brand Eddie Bargo was announced last month, and now we’re finally getting a look at the awesome accessories that we can not wait to get our hands on! The boho-chic collection includes bracelets, earrings, handbags, belts, and necklaces with a twist that lets each wearer put their own personal flair onto the jewelry – charms snap and beads link onto the accessories so you can customize your gear. That means endless options! As Borgo puts it, “The magic in the collection will really be when we’ll get to see what customers do to customize their products.”

And the best part? Most individual pieces are under $30. *Squeal in excitement*

Peruse the first official lookbook and start making your wish list! The items will be available at Target on July 12…and don’t wait too long after that – we all know what happened with Lilly Pulitzer for Target.

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