A Woman Was Actually Hospitalized For Four Days After Wearing Skinny Jeans

Thank goodness for summer when it’s finally warm enough to throw on a sundress and some sandals and call it a day. This is especially great news because your cold weather wardrobe staple just sent a 35-year-old woman to the hospital. Seriously – the Associated Press reports a woman spent four days in a hospital with muscle damage after helping a friend move while wearing skinny jeans.

The Australian woman (whose name has not been released) was lending a hand to a friend and spent several hours squatting while she cleaned out cabinets. She said that after a while, her legs began to feel numb. While she was walking home, she fell and could not get up from the ground. She remained stranded for hours before she managed to find help and get to a hospital.

At the hospital, the medical staff had to cut her out of her jeans, and she was diagnosed with muscle damage, swelling, and nerve blockage, all linked back to squatting in the tight jeans for too long.

Dr. Thomas Kimber of the Royal Adelaide Hospital in Australia where the woman was treated told reporters in an email he was surprised by the severe damage to her muscles and nerves. “I think it’s the non-stretchy nature of jeans that might be the problem,” Dr. Kimber explained. With a stretchier fabric, her nerves and muscles might not have been squeezed as hard.
This is scary stuff! First we find out that high heels are dangerous, now this. Our closet is rebelling against us. Like I said, embrace those sundresses. And definitely go for comfort over style when helping a friend move.

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