21 Cringe-Worthy Words That Are (Almost) Worse Than "Moist"

It’s pretty much an unwritten rule of girlhood: There are words in the English language that we all equally despise. “Moist” is probably the first word that comes to mind. If you actually enjoy the sound of this, then you scare me and I wouldn’t want to be your friend. It’s straight-up nasty. Here’s a list of cringe-worthy vocab you should most definitely avoid…just make sure that you’re not eating while you read it.

1. Pus

2. C*nt

3. Discharge

4. Secretions

5. Succulent

6. Va-jay-jay

7. Sausage

8. Preggers

9. Ointment

10. Munch

11. Panties

12. Bulbous

13. Queasy

14. Maggots

15. Curd

16. Squirt

17. Phlegm

18. Fetus

19. Yolk

20. Lube

21. Creamy

Can you think of any we missed?

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