Orange Is The New Black: Did Laura Prepon Give Away Season 4?

Orange Is the New Black has thrown more than one curveball at us, but what we NEED to know now is if there might be any more coming our way in season 4. Laura Prepon, better known as her sassy character Alex Vause, may have just dished a pretty massive give away as to what’s coming for us in the next season.
Two days ago, Prepon Instagrammed a photo of her on the set of OITNB with the caption “Glasses✔️Eyeliner✔️Badge✔️ …excited to get out there and make an awesome season for you guys! #season4 #alexvause #Oitnb #bestfansever”.
Laura Prepon Alex Vause Orange is the new black
So what was the give away from all of this? Since the Netflix series is based off of a Piper Kerman’s real life memoir, it’s no secret that Alex Vause and Piper Chapman were not able to continue their lesbian love affair as they did time. In fact, the real Piper and her lover were really only in the same prison for five weeks.
Still, what really spoke to us was the fact that season 3 ends with a serious cliffhanger where Alex Vause runs into the right-hand man of the drug dealer that she was involved with while he is undercover as a prison guard at Litchfield. YIKES! We thought she was a goner…literally. Whatever Alex Vause’s fate may be, Prepon’s Instagram caption tells us the cliffhanger is not going to be her final goodbye on the show. Somewhat of a relief, but not so discrete, Prepon! I guess all we can do is just wait to see what exactly is in store next for our favorite lady inmates.

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