Meet The World’s Most Handsome Gorilla Who Will Happily Pose For Your Photos

This is too ridiculous to not share with you.

Pictures from the zoo are usually less than Instagram-worthy. It’s more like “If you squint and look behind those bushes, there’s a giraffe’s ass!” than “There’s a wild animal!” However, there’s a gorilla named Shabani who is setting the bar. High.

Shabani lives at a Japanese zoo, but instead of disappointing zoo visitors with Snapchats of his rear, this 18-year-old father seems to strike poses that would make even Derek Zoolander take notes.

Droves of young women in Japan are heading to the zoo to see him and take their own model shots. He has even inspired the Twitter hashtags #HandsomeGorilla and #Ikemen, which roughly translated means “hot young guy” in Japanese.

Hey, National Geographic – Shabani is ready for his close up.

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