How to Make Iced Coffee That Doesn't Suck

Coffee is BAE. Coffee is everything. We don’t know where we would be without coffee, and you probably don’t either.
And with summer finally being here, you now get to enjoy copious amounts of the best kind of coffee– the iced kind. But instead of forking over $3+ dollars every time you need your fix (which, let’s face it, is every morning) you can be much more economically-feasible by making it yourself, at home.
The problem? It never tastes as good as when you buy it at your favorite coffee shop. It either tastes too bitter or completely watered down, right? Well, the reason might be that you’re making it all wrong.
Most people just make a regular pot of coffee (or a Kuerig cup if you live a luxurious and glamorous lifestyle), put it over ice, and viola!
No. When it comes to making the perfect cup of iced coffee, don’t be lazy and assume that simply pouring regular coffee over ice is the way to go. It’s not. The reason behind this is because there are two types of coffee: hot-brewed and cold-brewed.

How to Make Cold-Brewed Iced Coffee

Coffee does not take well to drastically changing temperatures, which is why you need to approach your iced coffee-making process with a little delicacy.
(Note: If you are just looking for the quickest wake-me-up caffeine injection in the morning, by all means, pouring hot coffee over ice won’t hurt you. You’ll just have to live with knowing you have sub-par taste buds and you will never be able to join in a discussion about how good iced coffee tastes like a different drink altogether… you know, because those discussions happen a lot.)

You’ll Need:

  • Coffee grounds
  • Pitcher of cold water
  • Ice (duh)
  • Coffee filters and/or paper towels
  • Sieve (a really small strainer)
  • Whatever milk/sweetener you prefer, if any

1. Mix the coffee and cold water together. I’m not putting specific measurements here, because I am assuming you have half a brain and can probably figure out how much coffee/water ratio you’ll need depending on how strong you want it, and how much of it you’ll need.
2. Stir together until they are blended well. 
3. Stick the pitcher in the fridge and let it steep overnight, or for at least 9 hours. 
4. Strain the coffee. This is the slightly-tricky part. You will have to remove all the coffee grounds remaining from the pitcher. To do this, place a coffee filter, or napkins/papertowels, into a small strainer (formally known as a sieve), and pour the coffee through to get the leftover grounds out.
5. Mix the remaining coffee with ice, milk and sweetener.
Stir…. and enjoy!
[Lead Image via ShutterShock]


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