14 Reasons Why You NEED To Get Back To College Like Yesterday

As a kid, summer vacation is the best three months of the entire calendar year. But as a college kid? Not so much. As we return home for the longest break from school to listen to our parents bark orders and stress over scoring summer internships, the only thing that gives us ease is the idea that move-in day is getting closer by the hour. We miss our home, our friends, our favorite restaurants, and even our cheap alcohol more than ever. Here are 14 reasons you NEED to get back to college like yesterday.


1. School: *Leaves empty liquor bottles on every unoccupied square foot of the apartment*

Home: *Gets grounded for 8 weeks if a cereal bowl is even left out on the counter*


2. You might strangle yourself if one more neighbor/family friend asks you how school is. It LITERALLY hasn’t changed since the last time you were harassed about it.

it's good

3. Your tiny suburban town just doesn’t meet your drunk exploration needs. Like, how are you supposed to get to the nearest Chipotle that’s 8 miles away?

harsh world

4. Forget about your university cash card to buy pointless stuff and endless Chinese food. Mama ain’t supporting your sorry ass while you’re home for the next three months.

5. The myth of being inappropriately drunk becomes an actual reality when you’re living at home. And you HATE it.


6. Beginning to binge drink at 9 am on a Saturday morning doesn’t quite fly with the crowd like it does at school.


7. Bringing cute boys home from the bar poses a problem under Mom and Dad’s roof. Really hope he likes gettin’ frisky in your childhood twin bed.

twin bed

8. Back to the good old days of scouring the planet for a DD so you can get to that pitiful house party that reminds you too much of the high school days.


9. Not drinking heavily at home means one glass of wine is sufficient enough to get you moderately drunk. RIP to when 5 shots couldn’t even get you that far.

liz lemon wine

10. Going to the gym is like having a mini high school reunion. Your entire graduating class must think you look great with pit stains and drenched in sweat!

fat kid new girl

11. Your data plan runs over it’s limit 16 plus times every month because your school friend’s group chat won’t stop blowing up.

so annoyed kardashian

12. You’ve been SO DONE with your internship after just the first week in. Give me back my social life or give me death.

honey booboo

13. TBH, the only thing you might miss more than your girls is their closets.


14. You literally just can’t anymore. It’s time to get back to college. A S A P.

Outta here

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