The Super Official Shark Week Drinking Game

Everyone’s favorite week is here. The week that we sit on our couches at night and watch sharks jump out of the water (those poor seals) while experts with cool accents try to convince us that these 3,000 pound giants aren’t monsters. This year, it starts on July 5, so grab your LandShark Lagers, gather up your closest pals, and nurse your Fourth of July hangover with our Shark Week drinking game.

This, my friends, isn’t just the Official Shark Week Drinking Game…it’s the Super Official Shark Week Drinking Game. Meaning we did not exactly get an “okay” from Discovery Channel, but they also did not say this wasn’t the official version. So we’re swimming with it.

live every week like it's shark week

Take a sip when…

– Someone is referred to as a “shark expert.”

– Anyone speaks with an Australian accent.

– Any variation of “This species of shark is usually not dangerous” is said.

– A shark gets punched in the nose or eye by the victim.

– Someone goes in a steel cage.

Take two drinks when…

– Jaws is mentioned or its theme song is played.

– A seal goes airborne.

– They place a tracker on a shark.

– Dramatic reenactment gives the shark’s perspective.

– A shark attack victim “Doesn’t blame the shark.”

Finish your drink if…


– The steel cage breaks.

– Someone dies (finish your drink in their honor).

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