22 Times Siri Was Your Sassy Digital Spirit Animal

Siri Fails, siri funny answers

By now, if you haven’t heard Siri’s answer to zero divided by zero, you are most likely living under a rock. ICYMI, Siri is basically saying you have no friends.

Apple’s built-in “intelligent assistant” (and life coach, essentially)┬áis sassy and a total smartass, which I love. If you’re ever bored, I suggest playing the “Ask Siri Anything” game; it’s almost as distracting as Pinterest. (Yes, I totally made that name up, but it should definitely be a thing). Before you check out our gallery of her (?) best responses, search #shitsirisays on Twitter. It’s amazing. Siri, can we just be friends?

“I’m not capable of love.”

Okay, never mind.

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