Everyone On Social Media Is Following This #SunburnArt Trend Despite Its Dangers

Summer is officially here! The only downside is the horrible sunburn that that comes with it. But, now, unfortunately, this has been a popular new social media trend.

A lot of Twitter users have been sharing photos of their #SunburnArt, with various tattoo-like designs left on their bodies, after they have already gotten themselves a tan or (painful!) sunburn, made with sunscreen or stencils. Honestly, this probably one of the most dangerous trends on social media – it’s not smart or safe.

In addition to the painful aspect of #SunburnArt, it has extremely damaging effects that will last longer than the trend’s lifetime.

Here’s a look at this weird new trend:

Whether you tan or burn in the sun, the effects of the sun are damaging. Most people think that if they tan easily then they don’t have to protect themselves from the sun, but that is far from the truth.

Dr. Tina Alster, director of the Washington Institute of Dermatologic Laser Surgery, stated, “A sunburn is worse than a tan, but any time you’re in contact with ultraviolet light, you’re damaging your skin, even if you’re not getting burned, the damage is done. The UV light is changing the DNA in your skin.”

Another suggestion that Dr. Tina Alster had for the people who have already tried this crazy trend was a change in diet. She explained, “Eating healthy foods like green leafy veggies and foods full of antioxidants can help minimize inflammation. But nothing is better than staying out of the sun or wearing sun protection.”

I personally would advise no one to try out this trend. It’s really ridiculous and extremely bad for you. Who would want premature wrinkles? Not me! This is one of those trends that I really don’t get. Haven’t these people heard of henna? Or how about actually going out and getting actual tattoos if you want they art so bad. Come on, people!

[Story via Cosmopolitan]

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