Yikes! This Teatox Could Cause Your Birth Control To Stop Working

Juice cleanses and “teatoxes” seem to be all of the craze these days in the weight loss department. Along side of working out and clean eating, these cleanses claim to rid your body of unwanted toxins that leave you feeling fresh and healthy. But can they also have other results, such as pregnancy? The answer, in short, is yes.
One UK teatox brand, Bootea, claims that is has great weight loss effects. After doing a little research and checking out their website, the tea seems pretty legit. What the tea doesn’t really advertise well, however, is a big warning that all women might want to know. This tea can actually cause your birth control pill to be defective. Uh oh!
The reason the tea causes your pill to stop working is because the tea flushes out your system so fast, that the pill doesn’t even have time to absorb into your bloodstream. What this means is that women have been blaming the tea for unexpected pregnancies all over the place. Naomi Salt, a previous user of Bootea, is six months pregnant after trying the teatox around Christmas.
“l’m 26 years old, I’ve got a career and I’m saving for a mortgage. Having a baby was on the cards, but not just now or even this year,” says Naomi Salt with Daily Mail.
While the teatox has been known to have some pretty positive effects, unplanned pregnancy doesn’t seem like one of them. If you’re interested in trying it out, by all means, go for it- but remember to use protection if you’re going to get jiggy with it and teatox at the same time!

Woman Hospitalized For A UTI She Got From Wearing Tight Skinny Jeans
Woman Hospitalized For A UTI She Got From Wearing Tight Skinny Jeans
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