WATCH: There's a 'Magic Mike XXL' Trailer Made With Hotdogs & It's Amazing

Disclaimer: this video is probably one of the best videos posted on the internet to date. Sure, the Magic Mike XXL trailer definitely gets us a little riled up every time, but replace hot hunky men with hot hunky hotdogs and you have yourself a pretty steamy scene… literally. As presented by “A Time Weiner Company,” the Magic Mike XXL trailer vs BBQ is a real crowd-pleaser. They accurately recreated the entire trailer using just hotdogs and it is a sure 1st place weiner. With footlong flopping around all over the place, we just can’t help but to blush. The caption of the video reads, “Sausage Party Presents…the ultimate sausage party! We’ve reduced this summer’s sizzling blockbuster to it’s very essence: gyrating wieners. Savor our rendition of Magic Mike XXL, but be careful…you don’t want to bust your casing.” LOL.

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