How to Add 'Feng Shui' to Your Space

Most people have heard of ‘feng shui’ but don’t actually know what it means. This ancient Chinese art is the practice of improving your life and empowering yourself by allowing for the natural flow of energy (or “chi”). And who couldn’t use a little of that?
You know how when you have a messy room, it has an annoying way of making you feel stressed and frazzled? And once you clean and organize everything, you suddenly feel a bit more calm and in control? Feng shui kind of works like that. It doesn’t just help improve your physical environment—it is also designed to help enhance your overall health, mood, mental state, relationships, etc.
It is about finding balance and harmony in your life, and while the principles and ideas of it can get very intricate and complex, below we’ve outlined some basic feng shui tips to help you de-clutter both your home and mind.

Get rid of anything and everything you don’t love.

If you haven’t heard of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Mari Kondo, it is definitely worth the read. The premise of the book is that when you clean out your clothes, junk draws, bookshelves—whatever it may be—you should be getting rid of everything that doesn’t give you instant feelings of happiness or excitement when you hold it in your hands.
Be brutally honest with yourself; if you haven’t worn that top in the last six months, you probably are never going to again. Don’t just hold onto something out of fear, thinking you might magically need it in the future. Chances are you won’t, so throw it out and make room for things you actually do need and use.

Add some plants.

There are five main elements of feng shui: earth, fire, water, metal, and wood. Flowers and/or plants signal your subconscious for natural growth. Plus, scientific research has found plants can even help your health by lowering blood pressure. And… it just looks pretty.

Rearrange your room/home strategically.

If you want to get really into the feng shui practice, there is an actual feng shui energy map you can follow that will tell you which areas of your home should be designated for certain pieces of furniture based on your KUA number.

Fix anything that is broken.

If you have broken appliances, cracked mirrors, or anything else that no longer works, either repair it or get rid of it. If you can’t take proper care of your home and your belongings, how can you expect to take care of yourself and your life? Not only do these things add to the clutter, but they are subtle reminders of things you have to attend to “one day.” Chances are that “one day” will never come, so you might as well toss it now.

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