15 Reasons To Watch Catfish Midseason 4 Premiere

Catfish on MTV shows that anyone on the Internet can be ‘catfished,’ be in a relationship with someone who pretends to be someone else. For people who have never been Catfished, it can be scary watching someone who’s innocent get hurt because they fell in love with someone who was lying to them. It might even deter you from online dating. For people who are Catfishing or have been Catfished, it gives them some insight as to why someone would go to such an extreme length to be someone else, and other personal things going on in their life.
A former Catfish prey himself, Nev Schulman helps teenagers get to the bottom of their online romances with his friend Max Joseph. The fourth midseason premiere starts this Wednesday July 8th at 10/9c and here’s some reasons why you should watch it:

1. Nev and Max. Need I say more?


2. You get to travel to different parts of the U.S. from the comfort of your living room.


3. You love learning about how two people who’ve never met fell in (or out) of love.


4. You laugh at the fact that people have done crazy things for a person they never met.


5. Playing detective with Nev and Max is so much fun.


6. But you get kind of lost in who the Catfish really is.


7. You’re biting your teeth when Nev makes the call to the Catfish.


8. And when they are at their door.


9. You love watching their reaction to seeing the real Catfish face-to-face.


10. Sometimes it can be true love!


11. Or a total scam.Skylar4

12. You watch the story unfold as Nev and Max get the real scoop.


13. And you can’t wait to see what they say about what happened after filming.

catfish nev max

14. You tweet in questions to #askcatfish during the show.


15. And tune into Chatfish the talk show to see if your question gets answered and figure out more.catfish max

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