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Cristiano Ronaldo Found A Woman’s Phone Then Took Her Out To Dinner


cristiano ronaldo

Losing your phone is most people’s worst nightmare, especially on vacation. How else are you supposed to meet up with your friends, look up directions, and make your friends jealous by uploading pics to Instagram? For Austin Woolstenhulme, a young woman who recently visited Las Vegas, losing her phone wasn’t half bad because it was found by none other than soccer star/certified hottie Cristiano Ronaldo.

Most celebs would send their assistant to drop off the missing mobile, but nope. Ronaldo not only returned Woolstenhulme’s phone in person, but he took her and her friends out to dinner at the five-star Wynn Las Vegas.

I know, I know: pics or it didn’t happen. Don’t worry – Woolstenhulme and her gal pals did remember to snap a few photos.

I may or may not be casually leaving items around NYC in hopes that a star finds one and is nice enough to return it.

Probably busy watching puppy videos on Instagram.