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WATCH: Man Floats Around Canada With 110 Balloons Tied To His Chair


balloon man

Yes, this actually happened. A man named Daniel Boria¬†single-handedly turned the movie Up¬†into nonfiction by creating a flying balloon contraption that flew him across Calgary, Canada. Why, you ask? His mission was to promote his cleaning supply business by parachuting from his flight into a rodeo event called the Calgary Stampede. Sounds pretty sick, if we’re being honest. And it was – until the plan went a little rogue when he ended up landing in an industrial park and got charged by the police with mischief causing danger to life and mischief to property. Stupid Canadians. Even still, we commend him for his ballsy and/or awesome efforts to make this insane ordeal happen. Russell from Up would be proud.

Watch the Good Morning America Clip here: