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Miss COED 2016 Wants You! Do You Have What It Takes?


Miss COED 2016 Wants You! Do You Have What It Takes-1

While you’re taking a break from your summer class homework or you’re in between beach trips, take a few minutes to apply to Miss COED 2016! Why? Because our sister site,, is on the hunt for a smart, fun, and strong role model to represent COED Media Group as well as her school. The only requirement is that you must be enrolled in an American college or university. Seriously, that’s all.

Prizes include, but are not limited to, cash, clothing, gift cards, and a party at your school. (Your friends will love you even more than they already do). So what are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose and literally everything to win.

Editor. Writer. Traveler. Shoe obsessed. While judging people on how they use "their" vs. "they're" on social media, she enjoys eating anything (literally anything) with Sriracha and binge-watching HGTV.