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Rejoice: Starbucks Cold Brew Iced Coffee Is Now Available All Over The Country


ice coffee starbucks

Here in New York City, our daily Starbucks has been cold brew iced coffee all summer long. It’s refreshing, it wakes you up, and it doesn’t burn our tongues (triple win). I didn’t even know this trendy spin on iced coffee wasn’t available at Starbs outside the Northeast, but now the entire USA gets to enjoy the drink. Starting today, the cold brew coffee is being added to Starbucks menus all over the country.

So what’s the deal with this cold brew method? Instead of using heat to extract coffee flavor from beans, Starbucks only uses cold water, coffee grinds, and patience. After freshly grinding coffee beans, a barista pours filtered water over the grinds, and the coffee then steeps for 20 hours before it’s ready. Every batch is 5 pounds of coffee, which yields just 60 cups of coffee, making it officially a craft, small-batch product.

Though drink prices vary by market and region, the cold brew iced coffee should only set you back an additional 50 cents, but for the smooth and refreshing blend that differentiates the cold brew from regular iced coffee, it’s worth the splurge. Even non-coffee drinkers should take a break from their Frapps to try this baby out.

Want to jazz it up more? Try a single pump of caramel, vanilla, or hazelnut. If you’re really adventurous, experiment with mint or Cinnamon Dolce.

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