Amy Winehouse's Father Vows To Depict The Truth In Second Documentary

Mitch Winehouse, father of late jazz singer Amy Winehouse, is upset with director Asif Kapadia of the new movie Amy. Mitch said on the British talk show Loose Women that the documentary, released on July 3rd in the U.K. to high ratings, either incorrectly depicted the people around his daughter when she was alive or were left out completely.
For example, in the movie, Mr. Winehouse advised Amy not to go to rehab.  He corrected the media, saying that they took his quote out of context. He really advised her not to go earlier in her life in 2005, and then changed his mind when he began to see her unravel. Also, the director interviewed Amy’s father on multiple occasions, but discarded most of them because they did not “fit his angle.”
It’s also hard to ignore that Reg Traviss, Amy’s boyfriend at the time she died, was not in the movie at all! Traviss also endured numerous interviews just like Mr. Winehouse, but none of them made it to the big screen.
Mitch said that Amy’s boyfriend, friends, and basically anyone who was in her life for the last three years of her life was not represented in the film at all. It was incredibly insulting for him to watch his own daughter be shown as alone in the movie, when the truth was she had people that were there for her.
Mitch Winehouse has decided that he is going to make his own film about Amy’s life with Traviss and correctly portray Amy’s life up until the day she passed. He would invite anybody who did or did not get the chance to speak in Amy to speak for his movie as well. Mr. Winehouse even took to Twitter about his disgust towards the film director and make his announcement public.
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At the end of the day, Mitch Winehouse was a loving father who was very close to Amy while he struggled to deal with her addiction, and now he wants to honor her daughter and set the record straight. That’s what she would have wanted.

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