Demi Lovato Replacing Ariana Grande At MLB All-Star Game Following Ariana's Donut Licking Video

Put that cat eared-baseball cap away, Ariana Grande. The singer was all set to sing at next week’s Major League Baseball All-Star Game, but after a video of Ariana and her new boy toy licking unpurchased donuts and shouting rude comments including “I hate America” at the employees, she’s been dismissed from the gig. People were not happy with Miss Grande following the release of the donut shop footage, unshockingly, and now it has been confirmed that she won’t be performing at the MLB All-Star Game. Coincidence? I think not.

In a statement apologizing for comments made in the video, Grande┬ásays explains, As for why I cannot be at the MLB show, I have had emergency oral surgery and due to recovery I cannot attend the show. I hope to make it up to all those fans soon.”
Demi Lovato is set to take Grande’s concert spot. And we’re pretty sure a lot of baseball fans won’t notice the difference between Ariana Grande and Demi Lovato anyway, so no big loss for the MLB community.

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