Tits Out For Instagram: Girls Found A Hack To The #FreeTheNipple Fad

We’re not really sure what it is about the whole #FreeTheNipple fad that is so popular on social media now is all about, but we do know that some girls are getting super into it. It’s a fact that social media does not allow lady nipples to be posted freely (just ask Chrissy Teigen, who has had topless pics pulled from the site). Not sure why anybody has a need to share their nips with the world, but for those who do, they have found a hack to do it. Instead of posting photos of their own nipples, girls are posting topless photos with man nipples photoshopped onto their own. Very sneaky, girls. So far, Instagram hasn’t shot them down for their efforts, but it’s very questionable as to what will happen with these risqué pics. As we understand that some people might think girls and guys nipples deserve to be shown off in the same way, we also have to consider that girls have essentially two huge balls of fat planted on our chests and they should be treated with grace. By just showing off our knockers, we’re letting dudes of the world have the satisfaction of seeing the goods right away. Whats the fun in that? In reality, does all of Instagram really need to see your nipples much less a nice hairy set of man nipples? That remains to be determined. FYI – butts seem to be just fine by Instagram standards, just ask Justin Bieber’s bare ass or John Legend’s derriere.

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