'Trainwreck' Is Practically Everything Amy Schumer Fans Could Want From An Amy Schumer Movie

You’ve seen a romantic comedy before, and if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. At least that’s what I used to think. I had never seen a rom-com starring and written by the one and only Amy Schumer, but last night I was treated to a pre-screening of Trainwreck.
By calling Trainwreck a romantic comedy, I don’t mean it as an insult. I’m just calling what it is. You don’t always have to be shocked or awed to be thoroughly entertained.
It’s about a girl who you probably already know – she is seeing (read: sleeping with) a bunch of guys, drinks too much wine, and thinks of herself as undateable. She doesn’t mean to fall in love, but she meets sports doctor Aaron Conners (Bill Hader) and exactly what you suspect happens. Things are great, things get messy, and there’s even a grand gesture at the end. Typical rom-com format. However, the jokes and characters are what make this worth seeing.

Amy’s character, Amy (of course), plays an obvious version of herself. IRL, Amy has a dad who suffers from multiple sclerosis, has a sister named Kim, and enjoys the single life. But she’s anything but a one-note character who relies on the same dirty jokes throughout the movie. Sure, there are sex gags and one-liners about weed (all hilarious), but there are points in the movie where you might cry (the emotional woman sitting next to me definitely did).
My one complaint: one too many celeb cameos. Some are hilarious – Daniel Radcliffe and Dave Attell, for instance, kill it in their little screen time. However, practically every scene is littered with them, from sports stars (you can ask your boyfriend about them later) to SNL funny ladies and gents, but sometimes their scenes are forced. It’s like Amy is competing with Taylor Swift and her “Bad Blood” video for most famous friends, although Amy probably gets more street cred for getting LeBron James involved as Aaron’s super-protective friend.
This is one rom-com where you can definitely convince your boyfriend to join you on a movie date (especially after sitting through tons of guy-oriented movies this summer), but I’d recommend making this a girls’ night. That way you can openly laugh at the tampon jokes and Amy bugging out about her new relationship in the way that only girls understand. Then you can all reassure yourselves that even the biggest train wrecks aren’t unlovable as you chug wine from the bottle and called Ben & Jerry’s dinner.
Overall, if you are a red-blooded human who likes to laugh, you should get your ass to a theater on July 17.

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