Tyga Sent A Scandalous Pic To Someone Who Isn't Kylie Jenner

Today in Kardashian-related news…
Tyga isn’t the most well respected rapper – the guy literally released his most recent album for free and people still didn’t want it – and this isn’t going to help. Kylie Jenner‘s boyfriend has been caught sending dick pics to people who are not you—including a transgender actress named Mia Isabella, who has gone ahead and provided the receipts.
According to lovebscott.com—the gossip blog run by transgender television personality B. Scott—Tyga and Mia Isabella have been engaged in some sort of relationship for three years, dating back to when Tyga was with the model Blac Chyna, with whom he has a son named King. Isabella released the texts, which include things you probably don’t want your mom to know you’re looking at.
tyga cheating on kylie jenner text
We’re sparing you from the actual dick pic, you’re welcome, but if you feel like seeing Tyga’s tiger, it shouldn’t be hard to find with a quick Google search.
Although Tyga kept true to the number one rule of sending nudies (keeping his face out of the pic), the tattoos on his stomach are going to make it pretty hard to deny that it’s him.
At least Kylie and step-sister Kourtney can bond over falling for cheating jerks?
So Kim is pregnant. Tyga probably cheated on Kylie. Scott Disick and Kourtney broke up. Khloe is dating Houston Rockets’ James Harden. And Bruce is Caitlyn. Anyone else sick of keeping up with the Kardashians?

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