This New Facebook Feature Will Be Your Best Friend And Worst Nightmare

Facebook updates usually tend to be annoying and confusing, but this one might just be the first to be somewhat useful. This time, the great people behind Facebook have come up with a feature that allows you to personally hand-pick who you want to pop up onto your News Feed first. Obnoxious political statuses or heinous selfies spamming your home page can finally take a hike. Pretty awesome, if you ask us.

The feature is released today for iOS users and tomorrow for Android and desktop users. But how does it work? Start by clicking on News Feed Preferences which can be found under the menu bar on your desktop or under more on your phone.

Facebook update

From here, you have the option to prioritize who shows up at the top of your feed every time you log on, whose posts you want to hide, and who you might want to bring back to your feed. This is the part where you make a list of all of your exes, current crushes, and even frenemies. Not so sneaky anymore, people.


Facebook update

If you unfollowed somebody you (for whatever reason) would want to stalk again, you can just re-add them with the tap of your finger. Almost too easy.


facebook update

Clearly, whoever created this fabulous Facebook addition must have been trying to creep hard on somebody. For us, this app is awesome and we can’t get enough of it. For our avid stalkers, this feature is a little concerning. Either way, this is a game changer in the realm of keeping tabs on the VIPs of social media.

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