Why We Need To Bring Back The Fanny Pack

In the past few years, fanny packs have been making a comeback. Yes, those ugly waist wallets (that, even at the tender age of five, made you cringe when your mom threw on around her) are back. At least, I’m hoping they continue on the upswing.
See, I’m a woman who find it to be unfair that guys get to walk around hands-free and without a purse hanging off their person at all times. Although I use my bra as a storage unit when I’m traveling light, guys get all these pockets while we get zilch. I’m sick of worrying about my purse at a concert or theme park. Give me a fanny pack and let me be free!
I first rediscovered the magic of the fanny pack at Bonnaroo 2012. It was my first music festival, and my friend proudly wore one around her waist for the entirety of the fest. I scoffed and call her “mom” for four days straight while I lugged a backpack of supplies around. A year later, I was begging my mom to let me use one of her old waist sacks as I headed to ‘Roo for a second time. I stuffed my keys, cell, chapstick, and some money in there and pranced around carefree. No wonder my mom was such a fan!
The advantages over a purse or backpack are boundless. You don’t have worry about putting fanny packs on a dirty floor. Or that someone might swipe it right out of your hands. You can bring these babies traveling, on a hike, or practically anywhere without them getting in the way. These probably won’t be seen at the bar any time soon…although they should be so you can dance without fearing your bag won’t be there when you return.
Fanny packs aren’t the nylon orange eyesores of the 90s anymore. Check out these awesome styles from stores like Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters.

Jared Leto has rocked one recently. Even a fashionista like Sarah Jessica Parker uses them. Hell, even Batman wears a fanny pack (he just calls it a utility belt).
Maybe I’ve reached that point in my life that I swore I would never get to – the one where comfort and convenience takes priority over style. But I say we #BringBackTheFannyPack. Who is with me?!

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