Ridiculous Parents Actually Believe That Minion Toys At McDonald’s Say “What The F*ck”

Remember that old “the rocks spell out ‘sex’ in this Disney movie” thing? It’s happening again. This time with minions toys from McDonald’s.

The Minions movie is out today, and they’ve already taken over a ton of products. We didn’t mention that they are also the toy in McDonald’s Happy Meals. If you had a childhood, you’ll recall that the toy was the best part of your trip to McDonald’s, and kiddos are definitely going to be thrilled to find a minion waiting for them beside their chicken nuggets. The parents – not so much.

A bunch of parents have taken to YouTube to complain that the minion toy is cursing. Check out the videos below that claim that the little yellow guy is saying something along the lines of “What the f*ck.”


Everyone knows that minions don’t curse. They speak Minionese (naturally) which is a nonsense language with a few words thrown in for content…usually that word is “banana.” And here’s a shocker: not every three syllable sentence is a swear.

But yes, crazy parents of America – McDonald’s and Universal are collaborating to teach children swear words through a minion named Bob. Now go protest outside your local fast food joint – I’ll grab my popcorn.

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