Burn That Bra: Science Says Bras Might Contribute To Boobs Sagging

Let’s be honest: days without bras are the best days. It’s the first thing you rip off when you get home. And sometimes you just want to let the girls loose. Sure, bras make your boobs look perky and full, but the reality is they could be causing your breasts to sag.
Yeah, our minds were blown too. If you thought wearing a bra prevented saggage, you’re not alone. That’s the common, sensible conclusion.
A French study revealed that women could experience about a 1/4-inch (7mm) lift in the nipples for each year they didn’t wear a bra. They suggested that bras discourage the growth of supporting breast tissue, resulting in the breasts sagging more quickly.

The study focused on younger women and can’t be generalized to all females, so don’t end your Victoria’s Secret reward card just yet.
However, if you feel like experiencing a bit of braless freedom, we’re happy to provide you with an excuse.


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