Mom Worries "Are We Really Safe Anywhere?" After Finding Camera In Starbucks Bathroom

There are so many things we think about while at Starbucks – What secret menu item should I try today? Or will I ever find an outlet? – but no one is prepared to think about their privacy.
A mother and her five-year-old son were using a bathroom in a Lancaster, California Starbucks restroom on Thursday morning. The son used the bathroom first and then his mother, and while they were in the restroom the boy noticed a phone underneath the sink. The phone was propped against toilet paper and was placed to face the toilet.
After alerting his mother, the woman quickly left and told the employees who then contacted authorities. KTLA interviewed the woman who wanted to remain anonymous. She said, “It’s such as invasion of privacy. Not only of mine, but my son.” She was horrified at the fact that if her son had not looked under the sink that she would not have even noticed she was being recorded.
Authorities are continuing to investigate the owner of the phone and the location of where the contents are being sent. They reported that it was turned on and in recording mode, but are unsure of for how long it had been before being discovered.
The victim said she worries about the people who used the bathroom before her and if they were recorded. And this incident could have happened in any Starbucks, so she questions “Are we really safe anywhere?”
Starbucks spokesperson Jaime Riley stated to KTLA, “We are disturbed by this incident and take our obligation to provide a safe environment for our customers and partners (employees) very seriously. Our store partners took swift action as soon as they became aware of the incident by immediately alerting the Sheriff’s Department of the situation.”
I love going to Starbucks and getting my daily coffee, but next time I might just skip using the bathroom.

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