#BeCarefulHarry Is Trending Because Some Wacko Threatened Harry Styles On Twitter

Being in the spotlight isn’t always fun, unless you enjoy getting death threats. Someone named Derek is apparently targeting One Direction favorite Harry Styles, and fans are getting concerned.
The Twitter handles “@DTAustin21_” and “DTAustin21x,” which is now suspended, have been sending out tweets threatening Styles, and warning that something will happen to him on August 5 during One Direction’s concert in New Jersey. “I Made This Account To Let Everyone Know That Harry Styles Will Die, August 5th 2015, At MetLife Stadium,” he wrote in one tweet.
As with anything with these boys, their loyal fan base have made “#HarryBeCareful” a trending topic, but the treats from this Derek person continue. Though different account getting banned, he has been sending out more tweets.
One message from Tuesday morning read, “You Idiots Think That A Stupid Trend like #HarryBeCareful Can Stop What’s Going To Happen…” Another states, “Harry Styles Will Die and No one Will be Able To Stop It.”
Other tweets include, “When the Time Comes You All will Know This Isn’t a Lie,” “All of You Are Hypnotized By Harry Styles….. He is Not What You think He Is,” and “#HarryBeCareful No Matter How Careful He Will Be It will Not Prevent Him from What’s Coming.” Yet another message reads, “He Will Die for His Sins.”
Whether this is real or a sick joke, fans are hoping that drawing attention to the matter will increase security at the concert next month so everyone can see 1D without any danger.

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