6 Reasons The Prices Going Up At Starbucks & Chipotle Are A Good Thing

Starbucks and Chipotle are going to pay their employees more. Awesome, right? One problem: to combat the pay increases, the companies have to increase the price of their menu items. Think all the people who were supportive of paying the employees more are still happy? Well, they should be. It’s worth paying an extra ten cents for your coffee or an extra quarter for a burrito when you think about these perks of the prices going up.

1. Happy employees = no spitting in your food.

Anyone who has worked in food before knows that getting paid next to nothing combined with the wrong tone from a customer can result in temptation. Now that employees are getting paid more (and even getting perks like a free drink every shift and paid college tuition at Starbucks), you’re more likely to be greeted with a smile than a scowl.

2. You’ll save some moolah.

You’ll quickly convince yourself you’ll make it through those late night study sessions without paying $4 for a cup of coffee, so even though the prices went up, your less frequent visits will end up saving you some cash.

3. You’ll save calories.

On your quest to put more pennies in your piggy bank, you’ll save yourself roughly 300 calories for every Frapp you forego. And when you go, be conscious of these calorie monsters at Starbs.

4. Shorter lines and more seats!

Tired of waiting twenty minutes for that burrito? Maybe these price increases will have more people eating at home, making your trip less crowded. That’s totally worth the extra quarter. There might even be an outlet open at Starbs.

5. You can quit your crappy summer job.

Those positions at Starbucks and Chipotle don’t sound bad, do they?

6. Your Frappucchino will be a treat.

If you make a daily Starbucks run, it loses its fun. Instead of making your coffee a daily standby, make it a Friday treat at lunch or only for when you’re making a run with friends. When things happen less often, they’re more special!

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