10 Reasons You Should Be Dating A Girl Who Drinks Beer

Think that girl shotgunning a can of Coors at the tailgate isn’t girlfriend material? Check yourself. Girls who drink beer are more fun-loving and less stuffy than ladies who prefer signature cocktails from flashy clubs. Why, you ask? The perks of dating a girl who prefers a Corona to a cocktail are endless, but here are a few to get you started.

1. She doesn’t need to get wasted to have a good time.raise your glass

A little social lubricant is nothing to be ashamed of when you’re on a first date or at a party where you only know two people. However, you definitely don’t want to date the girl who feels the need to down seven shots in order to have a good time.

2. She controls her liquor.


That girl ripping shots of tequila and downing whiskey sours will probably end the night with her head in the toilet while trying to call her ex. You don’t want to be the guy who has to put that girl to bed.

3. So many date possibilities…

beer cheers

Guys and their beer-loving girls can enjoy craft beer tastings, brewery tours, sporting events, beer gardens, and if you’re really looking for a challenge, you can attempt to brew your own. The possibilities for fun, creative dates are endless.

4. …That won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

shot gunning beer couple

No $17 fruity martinis here. And she’s more than happy to buy the next round.

5. She is laid back.

beer girl dancing

A girl who loves beer doesn’t need four hours to get ready to go to the trendy new hot spot in town. She’s way happier throwing on a pair of jeans, using “get ready time” to pregame with a power hour, and heading to your favorite bar for a few hours.

6. You’ll never have to look far for gift ideas.

beer cheers

Beer of the month club membership for her birthday? A bottle opener key chain as a stocking stuffer? A beer helmet as a joke gift? If it’s in any way related to beer, she’ll love it (and you).

7. She’s like having another bro…but better.girl drinking beer

Most guys don’t want to date the girl they see as a friend who they can kickback with…which is all kinds of stupid. Why would you not want a girlfriend who is perfectly happy with grabbing a six (or twelve…or thirty) pack, watching a movie, and then heading to the bedroom?

8. She can hang with the guys.


Once your group of friends finds out that your girl can tell the difference between an IPA and a stout, they’ll love her. You definitely won’t be babysitting this girl when you bring her out with friends.

9. You’ll actually have fun at parties.


A brew-loving date is your automatic pong partner, standing beside you as you shotgun, and wants to beat the other team at flip cup as much as you do. No more hugging a wall because your date doesn’t want to spill her pricey drink on the dance floor.

10. She’ll know exactly how to cheer you up after a rough day.


Blow an exam? Say something stupid at an office-wide meeting? Your gf will hand over your favorite cold one as soon as you walk in the door, say a pizza is on its way, and somehow everything will seem better.

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