25 Ways To Completely Distract Yourself & Lose Track Of Time

We’ve all been there when we actually had to do something – you know you’re studying and then you’re on Pinterest for six hours and totally lose track of time. But have you ever purposefully tried to be distracted – maybe from something you needed to avoid? Something that hurts your feelings and something you just can’t seem to get over? It’s all you think about, and it’s not good for you. Once you find something on this list to make you lose track of time, you will feel much better!

1. Do a puzzle. 

I’m not talking about the 50-100 piece ones, but the 500-1000 piece puzzles. The more time it takes you to figure out which piece goes where, the time will literally fly by!

2. Video games. 

If you’re really into a video game that is a challenge for you, do it! Find one that you really like and let your mind wander. No walkthroughs will be accepted!

3. Reading. 

Have you had that book on your shelf for far too long? Time to read it! And once you get lost in a book, you don’t want to stop.

4. River rafting. 

I’m serious! This is an easy way to knock out two to three hours. Now if only I had a river…

5. Talking. 

Call up someone you haven’t talked to in a while or meet up with them in person. The conversation will never end! Go to starbucks, out to dinner, or even a fro yo place. Or better yet, have a sleepover!

6. Drawing. With crayons. 

Let your inner child side out and buy a coloring book at the dollar store. Some books might have some puzzles or quizzes inside them. Try to test yourself and finish the whole book in a day!

7. Painting. 

This can be a fun thing to do, especially if you have a ceramic painting place in your town. I love going to my ceramic painting store and spending hours upon hours perfecting my piece.

8. Sleeping. 

This is always an easy way to pass the time, unless you’re not tired at all.

9. Writing. 

Whatever’s bothering you, let it out. If you’re purposefully avoiding talking to someone, write a letter to them and tell them (in writing) how you feel. Or if it’s a situation you’re trying to forget about, what about the event is bothering you? It might be easier sorting out how you really feel inside.

10. Cleaning. 

You will never run out of doing this – there’s always something that needs cleaning. Clean all of your silver jewelry, or organize your closet that has way too many clothes.

11. Cooking.

I personally love this idea. A few weeks ago I challenged myself by making a flag cake for the fourth of july, and it must have taken me three hours to make this layered treat. Challenge yourself, don’t just make your basic brownies or chocolate chips, but something you have never made before. Maybe even without using a recipe!

12. Watch Netflix. 

Veg out and watch an entire season of television or collection of movies. Invite some friends over to comment on the show with! My favorite binge worthies are HGTV, Food Network, or Criminal Minds.

13. Golfing. 

Whether it’s mini-golf or the full out game, there’s nothing better to kill a couple of hours than with golf. Bring some friends along to socialize with!

14. Hiking. 

Hiking is a fun way to exercise on a nice day outside. If there are no hiking places nearby, try a rock climbing place instead.

15. Playing tennis. 

Hit a few balls on the court to pass the time. Play a game with a friend or family member, or just rally back and forth!

16. Working out. 

Try going to the gym and do a workout you’ve never done before. Some gyms might even have pools or better yet yoga classes. Yoga is a great way to meditate!

17. Think of something you’re looking forward to.

Is a special occasion coming up in your life? A birthday, wedding, or vacation? Think about positive future experiences and plan fun stuff to do during that time.

18. Plan a mini vacation. 

If you haven’t gone on a vacation yet this summer, it’s the perfect time to do so. Go visit a city nearest to you, or go visit a friend in a different state.

19. Go to the movie theaters. 

If a movie just came out that you really wanted to see, go see it! Try to see even more than one movie if you have the time (and money!).

20. Gardening. 

Clear a plot in your backyard and grow some of your favorite fruits and vegetables like strawberries or watermelon.

21. Spa day. 

You can never relax too much! Go get your nails painted, hair done, or better yet, make a homemade face mask.

22. Shopping. 

A great way to kill time is literally shopping until you drop. Need some new summer clothes? Check out and see if you’re favorite stores are having sales.

23. Volunteer. 

If a festival is going on locally, see if you can volunteer at it.

24. Knitting. 

Want to make a scarf and mittens for the winter? Buy some yard at an arts and crafts store and learn how to knit. It’s very relaxing and preoccupies your time.

25. Listening to music. 

Make a playlist for yourself and one for each of your friends. Listen to some new artist, record yourself singing, or just listening to the radio and have a drink!

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