20 Things Only An Only Child Would Understand

Being an only child has pros and cons: you get all of the attention from your parents, but there can be times when you just feel alone. Some people call us lucky, and although we might not understand what they mean, there are some things we can definitely take for granted that others don’t have. Here’s twenty reasons why being an only child can be a truly special thing, for better or for worse.

1. You always had tons of playdates. 

Growing up, there was no shortage of friends. You planned meet ups with a different friend each day of the week!

2. You had “the talk” with your parents. 

You always wondered why you never had any brothers and sisters, and your parents explained why. Maybe it was because they only wanted one child, or they were too old to have another, but whatever the case was you accepted it.

3. You probably own a pet. 

Let’s face it, pets bring liveliness and love to the household, and they are always around to play with you. They grow up with you, show you affection when you’re sad and celebrate with you when you’re happy. When you’re an only child, you can never have too many pets!

4. You had an imaginary friend. 

When all your friends were busy and if your parents didn’t want pets, there was always the possibility to having an imaginary friend – someone to make you feel not so alone.

5. People thought you were spoiled. 

Even though they might not have said it to your face, people always thought you were a spoiled child. They’re just jealous because they were forced to share things.

6. But really we are good sharers!

Only children can be very generous people. Since we weren’t forced to share things, we saw other people who were less fortunate than us. From little things like snacks to big things like being a roommate in college, sharing is a new word in our vocabulary and not necessarily bad!

7. You were the favorite child.

No family with siblings could say that. We were our parents’ pride and joy. My mom always told me I was a gift brought to her by God, which I think that’s pretty cool.

8. Holidays were always a party of three. 

This can be a tough thing to face. Thanksgiving was always hard in my family. One year we even ate at a restaurant! It does take extra effort to spend time with extended family or friends on these special occasions, or else opening presents alone can be a real bummer.

9. We were more mature than our friends. 

Old souls are the best souls! Since you hung around your parents a lot, it’s natural to sometimes act more grown up. It’s also common for you to hang out with people older than yourself.

10. We love attention. 

You can’t deny this one. You love being the center of attention because truthfully it has always been that way.

11. Sometimes we can be sensitive. 

We didn’t grow up getting picked on or roughhoused, so sometimes things can upset us more easily than others. And we also try to avoid conflict as much as possible.

12. Our parents can sometimes be overprotective. 

We all know this one. Since your parents didn’t have more than one child, your parents were not “broken-in” to you doing certain things like staying out late at night. My parents wouldn’t call me just once, but maybe three to five times to see where I was.

13. We treat our friends like family. 

Since we didn’t have siblings to share the attention, our friends received it from our parents. Whether it was sleepovers at our house or mini family vacations, our family always treated our friends like someone in our family, which maybe freaked them out a little.

14. We realized we will never be aunts or uncles.

It’s okay though, because whoever we marry will most likely have siblings with children. Even though you are not blood related, you can still be an aunt or uncle through marriage!

15. We cling to big families. 

Let’s face it, big families can have a lot of drama, but they are always fun to be around. There’s never a dull moment, and as an only child you can come and go as you please!

16. And someday we want one. 

We want our children to always have someone to hang around with, because sometimes being an only child can be lonely and boring.

17. We help settle fights between our parents.

When our parents fought, we were always the peace keeper, the referee, or the mediator. And when they didn’t fight, well, more attention for us.

18. Your house looks like a shrine to you. 

There are pictures capturing your every special event throughout your whole house, and your parents like to show it off because they are so proud of your accomplishments.

19. We are creative. 

You had to think of things to do to occupy your time, so you often have the best ideas. You like to read, draw, or anything else that only requires one person!

20. We think the way siblings interact is weird. 

We never understood the sibling code. Or being competitive with each other, jealousy, or physical fights. And we’re okay with that.

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