10 Things You Love As Much Now As You Did In Third Grade

But days into freshman, you realize that some things will never change. Including but not limited to your ongoing love for all of the following things:

1. Super sugary cereal.

Who needs that healthy ish when you can have Lucky Charms?

2. Full House reruns.

“You got it, dude!”

3. Onesies.

The ultimate comfy girl fashion statement.

4. Glitter. All the glitter.

Glitter shoes? Gimme! Glitter purses? Yeah, I could carry one. Glitter phone cases? THE BEST.

5. The Spice Girls.

I double dog dare you not to dance when “Wannabe” comes on.

6. Fruit Snacks.

Best. Snack Ever.

7. Soda.

Because you’re an adult who cares about your health, you limit your Coke consumption….which just makes it taste even better. Like, as good as it did when you snuck it behind your parents’ backs at age 9.

8. Juice boxes.

Except you’re not really sure if it’s because they taste good or because they come in fun squeeze pouches.

9. Cutesy prints.

Think polka dots, hearts, stars, all that good stuff.

10. Hello Kitty.

Self-explanatory, right?
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