23 Signs You Were The Basic B*tch Of The 90’s

Today’s definition of “basic b*itch” is essentially someone who loves Starbucks, still wears Uggs and leggings on a daily basis, won’t leave the house without her North Face pullover, and treats her iPhone like a beloved pet. Tbh, there’s no shame in that. Okay, maybe a little bit of shame. (PSA: That outfit isn’t cute and has never been cute). But I digress.

The 90’s was a wild time. Before college papers and heart-wrenching breakups, your biggest worry was feeding your Tamagotchi and making sure your mom RSVP’d to your BFF’s roller-rink party.

I’ll be the first to admit I was the most basic of all b*tches in the 90’s. Basic AF, if you will. My closet consisted only of Limited Too apparel, Beanie Babies took over my room, and TRL was my go-to show after school. Not sure how you measure up on the basic scale? Take a look at my gallery below. You were definitely top b*tch if…

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