This Talented Makeup Artist Effortlessly Transforms Herself Into Any Celebrity, From Rappers To Athletes


Every girl knows how powerful makeup truly can be. From strobing like Beyonce to getting that good contour like Kim Kardashian, there’s an infinite amount of things you can do with makeup. It can seriously take you from looking super tired to flawless and glowing, faster than you think. A Sint Maarten-based makeup artist has decided to use her makeup skills to transform herself into Hollywood’s biggest stars!

This artist’s name is Magali and she is originally from Paris, France. Her Instagram is filled with her various celeb makeovers and some of her own original makeup looks. She has been posting her incredible looks on her page for several months now. Seriously, this woman does a really amazing job! She makes me want to step up my game in the whole makeup department. I’m definitely following her, and I just can’t wait to see who changes into next.

Check out the amazing photos of her transformations down below.

[Images via Instagram]

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