The Absolute Best & Worst Parts About Weddings

A wedding is a memorable time shared by two people in love with friends and family, and what would it be without the screaming and tears? They bring people together and also tear them apart. Here are the best (and worst) parts about weddings.

The Worst Parts:

1. Deciding who is going to come to the wedding.rs_500x242-140508105807-jennifer-gifs-3-jennifer-lawrence-33845017-500-242

No one likes to be left out, especially during a really special event in someone’s family. It can get pretty heated if someone is left out of the picture.

2. Who is sitting with who.

you can't sit with us
This can tear families apart. Everyone wants to sit next to someone they like, or as closest to the bride and groom as possible. And make sure you sit couples together or that could lead to some serious drama.

3. What invitation to choose. 

You want your wedding invitations to be the bomb, and of course you want people to come. First impressions are everything.

4. Deciding if you want to hire a limo.

Maybe you should just have everyone walk or drive their own cars, but you just might run the risk of drunk driving accidents. So let people be squished for a day they can suck it up, after all it’s your wedding.

5. Theme colors for groomsmen and bridesmaids. 

You want everyone to look good in the same color, which honestly probably isn’t going to happen.

6. Who is in the bridal party.1.[3]

Due to financial reasons and cliques, people get into fights about being excluded from a bridal party. Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to fix this one.

7. Paying all the

Money can be a tough subject to bring up, especially who’s paying for it.

8. Deciding what day to have the wedding. anigif_enhanced-buzz-30861-1386021291-3

You want your wedding day to be a day to remember, but you have 365 to choose from. Unfortunately, the day you land upon mostly depends on the availability at a venue.

9. Who gives the best man speech.FHNw7JJ.jpg

The best man is the most loved in all the wedding party because he is the mediator, and of course because he gives that touching speech during the ceremony. But, who shall you deem worthy of this noble title? Answer: someone who won’t get mad at you for all the future stress you put them through.

10. Getting cold feet.2-My-Big-Fat-Greek-Wedding-quotes

Everyone can get cold feet for their wedding, and sometimes it even breaks couples up. This happened to a family member of mine, and it was so disappointing after going to the bridal shower that there wasn’t even going to be a wedding after all.

The Best Parts:

1. The first dance, mother/daughter dance, father/daughter dance.

wedding dance
Everyone gets their pictures out for this. I mean how cute!! I seriously want to join in.

2. Picking out the venue.rs_500x250-150716103114-berry-break-24-9

Get ready for the tears and family and friends get to see a truly beautiful sight. I mean…the couple of course!

3. Seeing long lost family. emma-stone-amanda-bynes-scream

It’s so true. You don’t really see your extended families until special occasions. Good thing weddings are an all day affair – you have a lot to catch up on.

4. Picking out the dress. anigif_enhanced-buzz-15044-1398868965-24

It can be an overwhelming task to find a dress, but it’s such a relief when you do!

5. Having the bridal shower and Bachelor/Bachelorette parties.61d5c970-816c-0132-1d8e-0a2c89e5f2f5

What’s the harm in having a little fun, right?

6. Picking out flowers.tumblr_mx7o61c2oa1qhzlkqo1_500

Can’t they just stay pretty forever? Sometimes I even take some home as a wedding souvenir!

7. The “I Do.”

Carrie and Mr. Big
I mean, seriously, the best part of the wedding. The big main event. You are overcome with happiness that this moment is finally here!

8. Picking out liquor selection for the wedding.

Who doesn’t love picking out the bubbly? Having an open bar is the easy choice, plus everyone can get what they want!

9. Eating the cake.

eating cake marnie girls
This multi layered cake makes everything alright! Can they serve this before dinner?

10. Looking forward to the honeymoon.

Now that all the craziness is over you can finally relax!

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