25 Things You Should Know Before Dating a Vegetarian Guy

So you were right swiped by a really cute guy on Tinder and after a few days of talking, he decided he wanted to take it one step further. He asks to wine and dine you and you agree, but he then follows up with an “I’m a vegetarian, so where can we go?”
You were probably thinking steakhouse at first because…well, why the hell not if he’s paying, right? He obviously wants to win you over, but can he over a bowl of lettuce? You’re a meat-lover, therefore it’ll never work out.
But seriously, it will. You’ll find that, just like everything else, you’ll get through this together, as long as you keep these 25 things in mind before you start dating a vegetarian:

1. You can’t pay a vegetarian any amount of money to eat a piece of meat.

So don’t put a $1,000 on the table next to a steak because it’s not happening. Well…unless he’s strapped for cash maybe.

2. You better not swipe your meat in his pasta dish.

…or you’ll create a recipe for disaster.

3. They find it really irritating when their asked to go to dinner at a “really good steakhouse.”

Just because vegetarians eat vegetables, doesn’t mean they want to fine dine on a bowl of brussel sprouts.

4. “Will you ever eat meat again?”

…is the most obnoxious question ever.

5. “You have no idea what you’re missing out on!”

Not all vegetarians are born vegetarians. So they probably, most likely, know what they’re missing out on. They still don’t think it’s that great, though. #SorryNotSorry

6. Just because you order a vegetable barley soup, doesn’t mean they can eat it.

There’s probably chicken stock in it.

7. Don’t ask what they eat besides vegetables.


8. There’s a difference between vegetarians and vegans.

Educate yourself.

9. Vegetarians can eat seafood.

Many do. It’s a personal choice.

10. They check the ingredients on every.little.thing. 

Because hey, how did that white rice turn yellow?

11. If you really care how they get their protein…

…follow up with a few suggestions.

12. Leaving the house without checking the menu beforehand

…will almost never happen.

13. And if you’re going out on a whim, don’t just say “I’m sure they have salad or vegetables there.”

*Death stare* They secretly hope your menu is just as limited.

14. They do find food to eat at BBQs.

UMM, whose BBQs do you go to that serves only meat?

15. You’ll never understand how they don’t like the smell of bacon.

Seriously. You really won’t.

16. They probably won’t eat veggie burgers or anything else that looks like meat, but is made of veggies.

And that’s simply because it looks like the real thing.

17. Don’t try to sneak a piece of sausage in their grilled veggie quesadilla.

Unless you have a death wish.

18. Touching or even looking at any type of meat, chicken, etc. grosses them out.

So if you plan on keeping them around, but don’t plan on eating out often, you know what to do.

19. Pinterest is a vegetarians BFF.


20. Vegetarians are cheap dates. 

“I’ll pay for dinner, you can pay for the after dinner drinks at the bar ;)”

21. Vegetarians get excited when a new dish is introduced. Meat-lovers get excited when a new restaurant opens up.

Get it?

22. They get offended when you tell them they don’t know good food. 

Who made meat the epitome of good food?

23. Eventually, you’re going to have to take over explaining why your boyfriend is a vegetarian.

Because honestly, it’s exhausting constantly repeating how you became one.

24. You’re going to have to listen to the same. exact. ritual they give the server.

Every.single.time. you go out to eat.

25. You definitely won’t be able to enjoy a steak together, but you can make-up for it with an egg breakfast.

Because yes, eggs are a vegetarians choice, too.

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