Louis Tomlinson Breaks Silence After Baby News Reveal

One Direction is headed in every direction but one!
Earlier this week, Louis Tomlinson-sources dropped an even bigger than Zayn-Malik’s-leaving-1D-bombshell on us: The 23-year-old heartthrob is expecting a baby with Los Angeles-based stylist and friend, Briana Jungwirth. And although many of us feel like we’ve been cheated on (a girl can dream, right?), it seems the boybander doesn’t have to worry too much about his disappointed fans because they’ve remained loyal to him and his mates! Well, if his latest tweet means anything, anyway.
Following One Direction’s On the Road Again Tour stop in Seattle, Wash. on Wednesday night, and one day after E! News confirmed the baby news, the dad-to-be broke his Twitter silence by tweeting to his nearly 20 million followers: “Amazing show ! Thank you for the support !!”
It’s not exactly what we were hoping for as we wait with bated breath for either party to publicly confirm or deny the news, but here’s what we get from it:
1. As an avid user of Twitter and Instagram and with news as big as this, he hasn’t blasted any tabloids for false and malicious reporting so they are probably-absolutely-maybe-100% true, debunking them as “rumors.”
2. He likes keeping us in suspense (or maybe he’s just really busy on tour) and he’s still in denial himself so he’s in no rush to let us all in on his dirty little secret. We’ll forgive him for this one because at least he’s still checking in on us through Twitter.
3. “Amazing show” is obviously referencing the concert, but “thank you for the support” is indirectly  referencing the baby news!!!
UGH! Whatever it is, at least we can still thrive off the fact that he’s going to be a DILF now and don’t forget…he’s still single! So while we continue to wait for the former couple and parents-to-be to officially announce the news, we’ll just sit here and stare at his dreamy pics all day. No big deal.

[Image via With Famous]

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