Liam Payne Is The First 1D Member To Acknowledge The Louis Tomlinson Baby News

One Direction fans (yes, including me) have been refreshing the boys’ Twitter feeds, eagerly awaiting for anyone to either confirm or deny the rumor/possible trumor that Louis Tomlinson is going to be 1D’s first father. After playing the quiet game for a few days, Louis, who is usually a Twitter king, finally came back to Twitter to reveal…not much.
While Louis is remaining low key about the gossip so far, Liam Payne has finally addressed the rumor…in the most round about way possible. Still, this tweet makes Liam the first 1D member to acknowledge Baby Direction, as well as the Harry Styles death threats, Zayn Malik‘s slam on producer Naughty Boy, and rumors that Liam is engaged to girlfriend Sophia Smith.
liam tweet louis tomlinson baby
What does this mean? Is he laughing off all these crazy lies or confirming that it’s been a crazy week for the boys of One Direction? Maybe he’s wondering what Niall Horan is up to during this madness.
The boys are usually quick to joke about false rumors, so we can only assume this silence is pointing in one direction – that the baby rumors are beyond real.
We’ll be waiting…

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