8 Things You Should Never Do While Watching A Movie

Who doesn’t love a movie night? Just one issue: a good movie can get ruined at anytime, whether you’re chilling at home or at the theater. Sadly, you probably have that one person in your family or friend group that is pretty inconsiderate, ruining the movie-watching experience for everyone. Do not be the person who does these things.

1. Talk

Talking throughout a movie is probably one of the biggest pet peeves of mine and pretty much every other movie goer. Keep your thoughts to yourself until the end of the movie and refrain from asking questions during the movie as well – most of the time if you just sit and watch, your question will end up being answered.

2. Forget to Silence Your Phone 

It’s beyond annoying when you hear someone’s ringtone during a movie (especially because this always seems to happen just as it’s getting good). Whatever news it is that someone is trying to tell you, there’s a 94% chance it can wait until after the movie. Let me enjoy Chris Pratt on the big screen without suddenly being blinded by the brightness of someone’s phone.

3. Ignore the Movie 

Someone please explain why people show up to the movie theater then not watch the movie they came to see. At least pretend to seem interested, people…or just waste your money somewhere that it doesn’t bother everyone else in the audience.

4. Constantly Make Trips to the Bathroom

There’s nothing worse than seeing a silhouette of a person in front of the screen as they squirm to make it out of their row, except when that person is in your row and step all over your purse on the way out. If you are someone who gets a drink and you know that drink will go through your system quickly, simply don’t buy a drink at the movies. At least sit near the exit if this is you.

5. Laugh Really Loud

There are movies out there that are pretty hilarious, and you can’t help but laugh at certain parts of movies. However, it’s annoying to hear someone’s laughing get out of control. No one wants to suddenly get scared out of their seats because of your obnoxious laugh and miss the next three jokes.

6. Predict What’s Going to Happen Next

If you decide to watch a movie that you have seen already with a friend, do not ruin it for the next person. No one wants to hear you tell them what is going to happen. I also didn’t ask for your predictions, and I won’t be impressed when you’re right. I want to see movies how they were meant to be seen.

7. Multitask 

For those of us who like to stay in and watch movies rather than go out and pay for it, watching a movie is an awesome way to relax. The best thing to do while watching a movie is to just watch the movie. Do not try and complete other tasks while watching it because then it ruins it for you. That cleaning and Facebook stalking can wait.

8. Make Movie Choices Difficult

I like to watch movies with friends, but there is nothing more irritating then trying to pick a movie that everyone wants to watch. Try to come to a consensus before your trip, whether that means voting for what movie you should watch or playing rock, paper, scissors.

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