How To Date Evan Peters (As Told By The Newly Single Evan Peters)

Attention all American Horror Story fans: the heartthrob Evan Peters is officially single. Don’t trip over yourselves trying to get his attention, he’s delineated exactly what it takes to date the fabulous (let me reiterate for dramatic effect), newly-single 28-year-old actor in a recent interview with Cosmopolitan. He’s made it easy for all of you.
He recently starred in a film called Safelight alongside actress Juno Temple. Peters plays a high school boy who has cerebral palsy and is helping Temple, who plays a young prostitute, escape her pimp in the 1970s. If you needed any other reason to love Evan Peters, he took on the role in Safelight in honor of his uncle who had cerebral palsy.
In the interview, he revealed that he is awful at first impressions. He bravely expresses his shyness and his tendency to become tongue-tied on dates.

“If I say the wrong thing or do something stupid or fumble or spill shit on my shirt, she’s OK with it. She’s cool with that and will give me another chance to say the right thing, and get past my nerves and insecurity. Gotta give a guy a chance, essentially. There are a lot of girls out there who don’t really want to do that. But there are a lot of girls out there who do, and those are the ones — the only ones — I can really go for. I need a couple more chances than just the first one.”

Just like the rest of us, Evan! You’re only human—even if your acting prowess says otherwise.
Oddly enough, the Cosmopolitan interview takes a turn and asks the 28 year old about what fascinates him about teenage girls. Quite frankly, I don’t think that’s a question that should be asked to a 28-year-old man, even if your fan base is predominantly teenage girls. I guess that’s what happens when you play a teenaged serial murderer on the infamous American Horror Story.
In the upcoming fifth season of American Horror Story, Peters will be acting with the famed Lady Gaga. In her very wise words, Evan Peters, “I’m your biggest fan / I’ll follow you until you love me.”
Or we’ll just continue to give you time and time again to untangle your tongue and warm up to us. We’ll wait.

[Lead image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]

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