You're Probably Going To Cry When You See This Man's Proposal Honoring His Girlfriend's Late Father

The title of this proposal video on YouTube is “Not Your Average Proposal,” and it’s not. In the hundreds of videos that pop up of couples getting engaged, some are funny, some are a grand gesture in front of a huge crowd, and some are creative. This one pulls right on the heartstrings. Tyler Shelton is a filmmaker, so naturally he taped the day he proposed to this girlfriend Haylee Rose in Rome. However, Haylee’s father passed away before Tyler got the chance to ask for his blessing, so he made the proposal video a touching tribute to his would-be father-in-law. Grab your tissues… [youtube] Sorry for making you guys sob. We’re wishing Tyler and Haylee the very best and are beyond sure Greg Rose would have approved in a second!

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